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Appendix VI.

slide D is moved rightward and leftward on the bed E by the
roller H from the action of the cam drum. On the bottom end
of stud c is a star wheel F, and when the slide D moves to the
right the star F catches the finger or pawl G, causing the turret to
rotate one-fifth of a revolution, the finger springing out of gear on


Tuurrdb SJjtiLe/.         F^q. 942.

the return stroke. The back travel is limited by the boss j,
which strikes the part K of the bed casting. The angular position
of the turret is decided and retained by the spring stop L, which
engages with a plate on the base of the turret, and the stop is
released just before rotation of turret by the square stud M
mounting a cam slide N into the position p. The wedges Q and
B, are adjusted so as to give steadiness without undue grip.